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Falk von Tettenborn Architects offer over 30 years of experience with projects ranging from exclusive residential to commercial developments, restoration of historic monuments, hotels and green buildings, operating worldwide. We cover all architectural work phases as well as interior design, with sustainability and efficiency being an essential components providing an optimal cost-value ratio for the client. Besides our works in Germany our portfolio includes projects in Sweden, Italy, Spain, Russia, Hawaii, Haiti, the Dominican Republic.

Falk von Tettenborn Architects

Sustainability and state-of-the-art technology are fundamental to our designs. Already in 1996 Falk von Tettenborn Architects realized highly energy efficient residential buildings as a scientific research program commissioned by the german governmental research department and the Swedish building research institute. As of today we are working on an office building that will be DGNB certified and is planned according to cradle to cradle principles in building technology and -construcion, meaning it can be harmlessly disassembled and reused in future manufacturing and biological cycles.



Our vision is to bring diversity into our designs and not to adhere to a traditional image of an architecture studio with a set of pre-defined aesthetical guidelines and prêt-à-porter solutions. We see ourselves as a creative atelier in which every team member, every opinion and every idea inherently has an essential individual value. Decades-long experience in technology and construction, combined with young enthusiasm and artistic ambitions create a portfolio that is as colorful and diverse as our team.

Falk von Tettenborn Architects
Falk von Tettenborn Architects

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C2C Office Building, Munich, Germany Falk von Tettenborn Architects
Digital Incubator Ingolstadt, Germany Falk von Tettenborn Architects
District Centre Fürstenried-Ost, Germany Falk von Tettenborn Architects